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Unlocking the Mystical Powers of Lord Hanuman
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"Jai Shri Ram! 

It is believed that Mata Sita granted Lord Hanuman eight Siddhis (spiritual powers) and nine Niddhis (precious treasures). These, combined with his other divine abilities, make him invincible and the most powerful being today.

The eight Siddhis include Aṇimā (shrinking to the size of an atom), Mahima (expanding infinitely), Garima (becoming infinitely heavy), Laghima (becoming almost weightless), Prāpti (unrestricted access to all places), Prākāmya (realizing desires), Iṣṭva (absolute lordship), and Vaśtva (subjugating all).

The nine Niddhis involve attaining children, grandchildren, gold, precious stones, riches, delicious eatables, abundance of clothes and food-grains, mastery in arts, music, and poetry, and the art of using weapons and sovereignty in trading gold.

Laghima Siddhi, one of the spiritual abilities, allows the temporary lightening of the physical body, enabling it to float in the air. When fully mastered, it is said to grant the power of self-directed flight, defying gravity through supernatural control of the air.

This Siddhi is developed through Yoga, meditation, Pranayama, and other spiritual practices, as described in ancient texts like the Puranas and Patanjali's Yoga Sutras.

In addition, the text mentions eighteen Siddhis in total, with the primary eight having their foundation in the divine. These include aṇimā, mahimā, and laghimā, among others. Ten secondary achievements also play a role in preventing physical effects, remote sensing, and various supernatural abilities.

These Siddhis are considered normal and unique in the spiritual realm, as described in the Srimad-Bhagavatam. Lord Hanuman, among other deities, is said to possess these supernatural powers. For further insights, one can explore the teachings found in holy scriptures like the Bhagwat Puran."


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