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Unlocking Spiritual Energy: Muladhara Chakra and Kundalini Awakening
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which serves as the foundation of the root, is connected to our basic instincts and security. 

It encompasses our concerns related to small everyday matters, relationships, feelings towards children, the dynamics between husband and wife, sexual desires, and personal belongings, keeping them safe. When you close your eyes, you may perceive darkness because the Muladhara is associated with the quality of Tamas, which represents inertia or darkness. 

This chakra is situated between the hip bone and the spine. 

Lord Ganesha is often associated with the Muladhara Chakra because he is considered the deity of beginnings. This chakra also relates to primal emotions like lust, anger, pride, and greed, which are usually dormant.

Within the body, three chakras intertwine: 

IDA, dedicated to Shiva; 

PINGALA, dedicated to Sati or Goddess Parvati; 

and SUSHUMNA, which lies between them and contains a fluid. 

This fluid is responsible for rising and awakening all the chakras. Through chanting and meditation, this fluid vibrates and ascends. As it separates from its source, it begins to form poetic lines and words, which merge together.


Moving on to the next chakras:

- MANIPURA - Signifies renunciation of attachment and illusion

- SVADHISTHANA - Represents transcending taste

- ANAHATA - Denotes moving away from impure thoughts and unruly behavior


Chanting propels us forward, melting away these impurities.

 Between Svadhisthana and Anahata lies JATHARAGNI, which aids in digesting food. When you chant, this digestive fire remains active 24/7. Initially, you may experience symptoms like loose motions, stomach upset, back pain, joint pain, inability to sit for long, loss of appetite, and laziness for a maximum of 15 days. 

There's continual friction within these three chakras. The fluid moves up and down, awakening the KUNDALINI energy. If you consistently follow the prescribed practices, these three chakras elevate within approximately 21 days, regardless of whether you maintain celibacy or not. During this time, the Kundalini energy may awaken.

Subsequently, the body undergoes purification, leading to the next chakra, VISHUDDHA. It is at this stage that contact with divine entities begins, and celibacy becomes crucial. All three nerves are awakened. Even if desired, impure thoughts no longer intrude. Permission to meet the divine in the AGYA Chakra is granted, followed by the state of Samadhi, which is attained through the SAHASRARA Chakra."

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Beautiful information.

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