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The True Essence of Sanatan Dharma: Beyond Rituals
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Greetings, followers of Sanatan Dharma! Have you ever paused to contemplate what you truly consider as religion? Do you not know that the fruits of true devotion far surpass mere rituals by a thousandfold? Mere ritualistic practices, without deeper understanding and devotion, will not bring you the spiritual fulfillment you seek.

Let us ponder upon where Sanatan Dharma is faltering. We possess the most precious and profound knowledge available in the world, enshrined in our ancient scriptures. Yet, why do we lack steadfast, resolute wisdom? Despite having the scriptures and extensively reading them, their true essence does not seem to penetrate our lives.

Remember, the scriptures are not meant to be recited mindlessly; they are meant to be understood. The repeated insistence on reading them is to ensure that their true meaning is grasped. However, if one considers their duty fulfilled by merely reciting the scriptures without understanding them, how can they achieve spiritual well-being?

Dear seekers, merely reading or reciting is not enough. The study of scriptures involves three stages: reading (Pathan), contemplation (Manan), and deep reflection (Nididhyasan). First, read the scriptures, then understand their true meaning from a knowledgeable saint, and finally, contemplate deeply and integrate this understanding into your life. Only then will you truly benefit. If you do not understand, what is the point of reading? And if the understanding does not manifest in your life, what is the point of understanding?

Consider this example: a verse from the Ramcharitmanas says,

“प्रबिसि नगर कीजे सब काजा।
हृदय राखि कोसलपुर राजा॥”

When Hanuman entered Lanka, he held Lord Rama in his heart. When you enter a place, do you hold Rama in your heart or worldly desires? Reciting the verse while harboring worldly desires will not bring you closer to divinity.

Another example from the Hanuman Chalisa:

“प्रभु मुद्रिका मेलि मुख मांहि।
जलधि लांघि गए अचरज नाहिं॥”

This means Hanuman crossed the ocean with the ring of Lord Rama in his mouth. What’s astonishing about this? Reflect on what was in his mouth – the ring symbolizing the name of Lord Rama. If you keep the name of the Lord in your mouth, you too can cross the ocean of worldly existence. The greatness of Hanuman is not diminished here; many carry the name of the Lord but drop it due to negligence. Hanuman did not drop it even amidst obstacles like Mount Mainaka; he delivered it at the feet of the Goddess of Devotion and attained divine love.

You might have recited the verse thousands of times, but how often have you truly chanted the Lord’s name? Tell me, will salvation come from chanting the divine name or from merely reciting verses?

In conclusion, the true path to spiritual growth and well-being in Sanatan Dharma lies in understanding and integrating the teachings of our scriptures into our lives. Mere rituals and recitations without understanding and devotion are futile. Embrace the essence of devotion, contemplate deeply, and let the divine teachings transform your life. Only then will you realize the true fruits of Sanatan Dharma.

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