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Jai Shri Bala Ji: The Divine Healing at Mehandipur Balaji Temple
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Jai Shri Bala Ji

Hanuman is the direct god of Kaliyuga. He removes suffering and is also the giver of all happiness.
The child form of Hanumanji is worshiped in Mehndipur. As soon as the patient comes to Balaji's court and makes an application as Prasad, the treatment of the sick person, no matter what external obstruction he is suffering from, begins and he becomes completely cured.
People believe that only those who are suffering from any obstruction like external wind or ghost etc. should have darshan of Balaji.
 But that is not the case. Regular worshipers also come to this court of Balaji. In many homes, the most auspicious deity is regularly worshiped with devotion. In Kaliyuga, these three gods are very pleased with the spontaneous worship of the devotees and are capable of fulfilling their wishes. Shri Balaji's story, rules, hymns etc. are given in this book for the devotees.

  Balaji of Mehndipur

There is a constant flow of people coming here to get rid of the evil spirits etc. Even people affected by tantra-mantra, upper powers return here healthy without any medicine, liquor or tantra kriya. About a thousand patients and their relatives coming from all over India camp here daily. Balaji's temple is situated between two hills at a place called Mehandipur, hence it is also called Ghate (valley) Baba Ji. The child-like idol of Bajrang Bali situated in this temple was not made by any artist, rather it is self-made. This statue also serves as the back wall of the temple as an integral part of the mountain. The rest of the temple was constructed considering this idol as the main one. There is a very small hole on the left side of the chest of this idol, from which a stream of holy water is continuously flowing. This water keeps collecting in a pond located under the feet of Balaji, which the devotees take with them in the form of Charanamrit. This idol is said to be about 1000 years old, but the temple was constructed in this century. During Muslim rule, some emperors tried to destroy this statue, but they failed. The more they carved it, the more the roots of the idol started turning green. Tired and defeated, he had to give up his endeavor.
During the British rule, in 1920, Balaji spontaneously gave up his hundreds of years old attire. The devotees took this Chola to the nearby railway station Mandawar, from where they were to immerse the Chola in the Ganga. The British station master gave the cloak free of charge.
He stopped carrying it and started carrying it as luggage, but sometimes the miraculous robe would increase by one maund, sometimes it would decrease by two maunds. The confused station master finally had to let the cloak go without luggage and he also saluted Balaji's miracle. After this a new robe was offered to Balaji. Yagya, Havan, Brahmin feast and religious scriptures were recited. Once again a new light shone from the new robe. The light of that light is continuously increasing and that light is capable of removing the darkness from many houses.
Apart from Balaji Maharaj, there are also statues of Shri Pretaraj Sarkar and Shri Kotwal Kaptaan (Bhairav). While Pretraj Sarkar holds the post of Magistrate, Bhairavji holds the post of Kotwal. It is only after coming here that common people come to know how ghosts and spirits cause trouble to humans and how here they easily get freedom from troubles and obstacles. A sad and distressed person has to reach the temple and offer prasad to all the three gods. Laddus are offered to Balaji, rice is offered to Pretraj Sarkar and urad is offered to Kotwal Captain (Bhairav). Out of this Prasad, two laddus are fed to the patient, the remaining Prasad is given to animals and birds. It is said that the messengers of the Gods in the form of animals and birds are receiving the Prasad. Prasad is always given in a plate or bowl. As soon as the patient eats the laddu, the sick person starts dancing and the ghosts themselves come into his body and start murmuring. He automatically gets handcuffed and shackled. Sometimes he shakes his head, sometimes he rolls on the ground and howls. Sometimes, on the instructions of Balaji, he hangs upside down from a tree, sometimes he lights a fire and jumps into it, sometimes he hangs himself or hangs himself on a cross. Tired of being beaten, the ghosts automatically surrender at the feet of Balaji Maharaj. Otherwise they are terminated. Balaji makes him his messenger. When the crisis is over, the patient receives a messenger from Balaji, who warns the disease-free person about future events.
In the temple of Balaji Maharaj, worship takes place for about 4 hours in the morning and evening. Bhajans, aartis and chaalisa are sung in the puja. At this time, when the devotees line up and offer Prasad to the Gods, the patients suffering from ghosts suffer their punishment by crying, screaming and tossing, and turning.

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