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Hanuman Ji's Leap of Faith: A Journey Beyond Attachments
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In the timeless epic, Hanuman ji's journey across the ocean to Lanka is a story filled with profound wisdom and spiritual insight. When Hanuman ji faced obstacles like wealth represented by Mainak, fame by Sursa, and lust by Singhika, he did not falter. He crossed the ocean effortlessly, leading people to marvel at his feat. However, Tulsidas ji reminds us that Hanuman ji's leap was not a surprise.

“Prabhu mudrika meli mukh mahi,  
Jaladhi laanghi gaye achraj nahi.”

What was the secret behind Hanuman ji's unwavering focus and incredible leap? The answer lies in the ring that he carried in his mouth, given by Lord Rama himself. Tulsidas ji elucidates that this ring symbolizes the name of "Ram."

The Ring of Devotion

This divine ring is not something one can purchase from any goldsmith's shop. It is a gift bestowed by a saint (sant) and is acquired through humility, sincerity, and dedicated service. The name “Ram” carries the power to help one overcome any ocean of challenges.

The Glow of Lanka and The Power of Detachment

When Hanuman ji reached Lanka, he witnessed its dazzling grandeur. However, he remained unaffected by its splendor. This teaches us that worldly pleasures do not bind us; it is our attachment to them that ensnares us. Hanuman ji's detachment and focus on his divine mission made him immune to Lanka's allure.

Understanding Attachment and Devotion

Everyone has devotion in their hearts, but the difference lies in where this love is directed. Often, we misplace our love in the pursuit of prestige, lust, and wealth. This misplaced love transforms into attachment, binding us to sorrow, worry, birth, and death.

The goddess of devotion, Shri Sita ji, is often mortgaged for material gains. Instead of placing our love in the divine, we exhibit it in the worldly marketplace for temporary gains.

The Path to Liberation

To achieve true liberation, we must redirect our love from worldly attachments to Bhagwan (God). When love is directed towards the divine, it transforms into pure devotion. This devotion can lead us to salvation, freeing us from the cycles of sorrow and rebirth.

Hanuman ji's story is a reminder of the power of devotion and the importance of where we place our love. By holding onto the divine name “Ram” and keeping it close to our hearts, just as Hanuman ji held the ring in his mouth, we too can overcome our challenges and achieve spiritual liberation.

Embrace the path of devotion, serve with humility, and seek the guidance of a true saint. In doing so, you will find the divine ring of "Ram" that empowers you to transcend the ocean of life’s challenges.


Share your thoughts and experiences with us. Have you found your divine ring yet?

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